Parent Volunteer Notes

Every family at City Neighbors Charter School is asked to provide at least 40 hours a year of service to the school. As those of you know who came to Committee Night last week, these hours are VITALLY important to our school. They help create a parent/school partnership that clearly benefits children. And, just as importantly, when the parent volunteer system is working optimally, it saves the school somewhere between one and two hundred thousand dollars —- money that is directly pumped in to staffing our classrooms and benefiting the kids.

Last year, 68% of parents met their forty hour obligation. This year, we need everyone!

To support this, I will try to advertise parent volunteer needs in the Monday Mailer. So, look out for the Parent Volunteer Section each week. And, please remember to track your hours!

There is one other change this year, the Board of Directors voted at their last meeting to change the policy so that 50% of the required hours (or at least 20 hours) must be directly related to the school. The other volunteer hours may be dedicated to outside community endeavors.

Thank you to Marisol Rodriguez (who volunteered to be one of our Breakfast Helpers) and Kamesha Stokes (who volunteered to be our Playground Cleaner).

Recess/Lunch Parents
We need parents/guardians who can commit to at least one steady day per week to help with lunch and recess duty. The first recess/lunch period begins at 10:30 and the last one ends at 1:00. If you can take one day per week (or more), please contact Mike at mchalupa – at – It is vital that this is a steady person, though, so please commit only if you can be there.

Breakfast Helper
We need one more parent/guardian who is available from 7:45-8:15 to help with the supervision of breakfast. This includes helping students with their breakfast, monitoring breakfast room behavior and helping to ensure that students get to class on time. Please contact Mike at
mchalupa – at – if you are available.

Monday Mailer Helpers
We need parents/guardians who are consistently available on Monday starting at noon to help with the collating of the Monday Mailer. If you are available and willing, please contact April at acrosby – at –

Aftercare Helpers
Ms. Trinisa is looking for folks who can help in Aftercare on various projects and supervision efforts. If you’re interested, please contact her at tbrown – at –

To make City Neighbors all it can be, we need your help!


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